50+ Heart Stirring Love Messages for Him & Her

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Heart stirring love messages are the best love weapons for tugging at the heart of loved ones. Moreover, love itself is a heart stirring and strange feeling; it is like a light bulb that brightens up your heart. It makes you do things you never thought you would do and makes living fun.

If you have found true love or has somebody that makes you happy, you should make it a habit of appreciating them often and reminding them of your feelings in words and deeds. Writing stimulating love messages is a highly effective yet simple way of expressing your truest feelings to your special person.

You can send romantic love quotes full of meaning to stir their heart and make them swoon, blush or smile. The heart stirring love messages below will no doubt come in handy in doing this.

Deep Love Messages for her

Most touching love messages

True love messages

i love you

Deep Love Messages for Her

I care about you from the bottom of my heart, i cherish you, I can never stop loving you and I appreciate you for all your love and commitments- heart stirring messages for your special woman.

 1. Every moment I spend with you, your loveliness increases my heart desire to love you more. The smile on your face lightens up my world; it makes my heart soar anytime I look into your eyes.  I cherish you baby

2. My eyes loves what it sees, my hands loves what it feels, my mouth loves what it tastes, every single part of me loves you, my heart is entrapped by your love darling.

My eyes loves what it sees, my hands loves what it feels, my mouth loves what it tastes, every single part of me loves you, my heart is entrapped by your love darling-heart stirring love message
every part of me loves you

3. I do not take your commitment to me for granted, Thanks honey for everything, you are the best.

4. I will always try to put a smile on your face as your joy is the source of my life’s warmth. Besides, when you are happy, I am happy

5.  You are my light, without you, my life is thrown in uncomfortable darkness.  You are my delight; with you I know no sorrow. You are my wonder as your love gives my heart the glee it desperately needs, you are all that I need and you are more than enough.

6. Your heart is kind, it is warm and pure. Thanks for all your healing words of hope, thanks for always being there.

7. I think of you a thousand times in a day, I think of all the love and time we have shared and the many memories we are yet to make. I am excited at the possibility of spending forever with you, it makes the future promising.

8. You have snatched away my heart; you have it in your hands. I can’t deny that I have fallen blindly in love with you; I would love you till I die

9. Loving you is one of the things I am good at; I love all your attributes. When I look at you, I see no flaws, even what you call imperfections, I find beautiful.

10. That you love me with all my imperfections is wonderful. I do not deserve you but I am lucky you chose me. I am sticking to you like bees to their queen.

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11. My soul is intoxicated with your love; my heart is drunk in love. I can’t fight what I feel for you even if I try; I am hopelessly in love with you and will love you till I die.

12. I love being your man; I love having your affection. It feels good to be yours, i will do anything you want me to do, anything to stay in your grace.

13. I am contented with your love; I ask nothing more than the opportunity to hold on to your heart forever as your love brings me lots of delight and splendor

15.  My heart desire, you lift up my soul to a towering height. Your light of your love shines through me, it brightens up my world, it is all the illumination I need.

Most Touching Love Messages

i love you image

16. You are the center of my world. When it’s day; I get to see you, to bask in your presence and when its night I see you still in my dreams. Your love is heart touching, it has consumed me.

17. You are so delicate, so special and unique. Pardon me my dear if I am not doing enough. I prize your love more than anything of value on earth.

18.  Your body; soft and warm. That I get to touch, to kiss, to hold and to love you, I do not take for granted. Having you is having it all.

19. You are like a beautiful spectacle, you enchant me. Your body gives me sensuous delights; it turns up my passion. I always want to be around you, I can never bear leaving your side.

20. I ache constantly for your touch, i can never get enough of you and i can never get tired of you. You are the best lover ever

21. I know your worth and I cannot take you for granted. I know your value, so, I can never treat you bad. You are my most revered person, my most loved person and this will never change.

22. The intensity of our love sometimes feels so surreal, l didn’t think it was possible to love someone like this, I didn’t think it was possible to share this kind of love. I love this union, I love being with you.

23. I cannot guess what each new day holds, you are spontaneous, I never can guess what you have under your sleeve, living with you is exciting

24. I went looking for the best heart stirring love messages to send to you and it made me realize i could send all the love messages ever written and it still would not convey the true depth of my feelings. I love you, this is a fact.

25. In you, my hope is increased, my hope about life and love. Your heart is so kind; in you my faith in humanity is restored. You exude peace and excitement all at once, you are something special.

26. I have found my cause and it is loving you and I have been given a very important mission that is all about loving you. I am committed to seeing this mission through; no retreat, no surrender.

27. My life feels like a dream; it is too serene to be my reality. Since you became a part of my world, I feel like I have been tossed into Disney world where all is happy and fun.

28. I am enjoying the full delights of love; I am enjoying all the dividends of loving someone like you which are peace, joy, companionship, laughter and support. I love you.

I am enjoying the full delights of love; I am enjoying all the dividends of loving someone like you which are peace, joy, companionship, laughter and support. I love you- heart stirring message
I love you

29. Your love is transforming me, it is making me into a better me. I love what you are doing to me; I love what this love is making out of me.

30. Your love has filled my heart, Like a surging sea, it has enveloped me completely. Your love has bounded me, it has me imprisoned. There is no denying this; my heart and my whole belong to you.

31. I take you with me everywhere I go because I have your heart. The sound of your voice is ingrained in my mind; I don’t think it’s something I can ever forget. Whatever it is you are doing to me, i am loving it.

32. My heart is yours alone, I have placed it in your hands. My heart is all yours; in fact, it belongs to you more than it belongs to me.

33. I love watching you wake, I find joy in watching you work around me. You are too cute; I find myself smiling every time I look at you.

34. You are a fine specimen, an extraordinary lady. You are one of a kind, I am sure you were an angel in your last life

35. I sometimes imitate you; that shows how much you are in my head. I am so used to you; I not only understand your gestures but your silence speaks to me as well.

True love Messages

I love you from the bottom of my heart, i love you with all i have got and i will keep loving you for as long as i am on Earth. I believe You are my true love, the one i am meant to be with forever- Heart stirring love messages

36. The happiest moments of my life so far have been those I spent with you as you infuse joy into my world. I am glad i met you.

38. I will always be true to you; true and honest. It is only going to be just you, you are more than enough for me.

I will always be true to you; true and honest. It is only going to be just you, you are more than enough for me-heart stirring lovemessage
I will always be true to you

38. You invoke the right sensations within me; I could stare at you for hours and not get bored.

39. The light of your presence envelopes me, no other feeling beats the pure pleasure of talking, walking and having you around me. I love being around you

40. You are the only person I want to be with; you give me a true sense of security. My heart is full of desire for you and I want to explore living with you

41. I can’t help enumerating your virtues; your beautiful smile, your golden heart. The longer I stare at you, the more beautiful you look. I am smitten by you.

42. Your heart sets you aside from everyone, you are one gifted lady. I am going to keep all my promises to you; I am going to guard our love jealously.

43. The satisfaction I get from having you is amazing, I have found profound peace with you and you have filled my life with ease warmth and light. You are one of a kind.

44. My thoughts are filled with you, there is no getting out of what I feel for you, My heart is laid before your feet

45. I like a lot of things but there are only two things in this world I am crazy about and do not joke with; my happiness and you. In summary, I can’t imagine how my life will be without you

46. I learnt to love certain food and develop certain habits but your love came naturally, it is the one thing I find easy to do, I am loving you forever darling

47. I want to put my arms around you until the day breaks, hold you tight in my arms and keep you safe. I want to take good care of you; support you and be your confidant. I care about you darling and I will not go back on all my promises

48. No matter where you go, I always hold you in my memory. Even when you are not around, your image in my head comforts me

49. I will do my best to please you and if I err, I need you to set me straight. Let’s grow together, help each other become better.

50. I wasn’t looking for love but I found you and I am glad I did as loving you has taught me a lot, it has made me a better person.

I wasn't looking for love but i found you and i am glad i did. Loving you has taught me a lot, it has made me a better person- heart stirring love message
I am glad i found you

51. You always go out of your busy schedule to help me, Thanks for always looking out for me; I can’t repay you enough for everything

52. I want you to know you are the best thing that has happened to me since I grew up. I am so glad I met you.

I want you to know you are the best thing that has happened to me since i grew up. I am so glad i met you
I am so glad i met you

53. There is always this sweet look on your face that makes me want to pick you up in my arms every time and hold you tight. I always want to take care of you, always.

Sending heart stirring love messages to your special person is a romantic gesture, one that would no doubt make them smile and feel loved.

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