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Writing or sending encouraging text messages, get well soon texts or words to encourage your boyfriend when he is going through a challenging period, a tough time or when he has an important task ahead of him is a good thing.

Writing compliments for him can help to cheer him up and supportive messages can offer him comfort and assure him of your support.

This post contains some encouraging text for boyfriend you can pick from or draw inspiration from to compose your own personal message

Table of Contents:

Uplifting text messages for him

Courage message for him

Positive text messages for him

Motivation text for boyfriend

Supportive message to boyfriend

Encouraging message for boyfriend

Believe in yourself

Uplifting Text Messages for Him

1. Hi boyfriend, I hope this text encourages you to keep fighting and never give up. I believe everything will work out well in the end, stay positive.

2. I might not understand how you are feeling right now but I will support you as best as I can. Stay strong!

3. I know things are a little difficult for you right now but I am confident you will get through it all

4. I understand things are quite bumpy now but I believe in you to work it out; you are smart and intelligent and you are capable of figuring this out

5. What you are going through now is a phase, it does not define you and I know you will make it through

6. Don’t let this minor setback get to you, life is full of up and downs and the down moments will definitely not last forever

7. Keep a positive attitude throughout this ordeal honey, keep your head up

8. Life gives us our equal share of challenges and I am certain you will come out this stronger than you were. Stay hopeful baby, I am rooting for you.

9. I hope this text message meets you at the right time and helps to uplift your mood; I don’t like it when you are down, I need you to kick this straight in the groins and get back on your feet.

Courage Message for Him

10. Hi honey, I wish I was there to encourage you instead of sending these messages; please, stay courageous.

11. You can overcome anything and everything, keep your hope alive darling

You can overcome anything and everything, keep your hope alive darling- Encouraging text for boyfriend

12. I know you are scared to death but I believe you will do well and pass this exam in flying colors. Don’t panic honey

13. I know it must hurt to be falsely accused but all will come into light very soon and you will be vindicated.

14. I don’t want you to give up, I want you to hold your head up high and move on. Things like this happen and we just have to pull through

15. You are a strong person and have always been a huge source of inspiration for me; even now that you are going through a challenge, I still admire you. Stay strong babe

16. I wish there was a way I could help you much more than I am doing now, let me know if there is any other thing I can do love. I will be right by your side as you go through it

17. Have courage darling and don’t let this stress get to you. All will align in the end and you will look back to this day and wonder why you were so worried

18. I do not think I am smarter than you are but I am willing to help you in any way necessary.  Let me know how I can help you sweetheart

Positive Text Messages for Him

19. I don’t want you to give up babe, you have made so much progress and you are so close to winning. Stay positive dear

I don’t want you to give up babe, you have made so much progress and you are so close to winning - Encouraging text for friends

20. You are doing so well and I am proud of you. I do not expect you to be perfect, no one does. Just do what you can honey

21. Nothing is impossible to achieve once you set your mind at it. I have faith in you honey but I need you to be strong and courageous

22. Don’t let all that is happening around discourage you in any way. We would come through this tough time and be better and stronger than we used to be

23. I know you are pretty hung up on all the mistakes you have made but do not let it deter or discourage you. Keep your hope alive my love, all will work out well in the end

24. You are handsome, strong, intelligent and insanely brilliant and you are going to pull through this, I believe so.

25. You have been through and overcame harder obstacles and this one would be a walk through for you. Keep your confidence up love

26. I am proud of you even at this time with all that is going on. You are amazing babe, never doubt that

Motivation Text for Boyfriend

27. Tough people always make it through. Stay tough darling, you have got this!

28. I know I am not a fantastic writer but I am going to comb through the internet and send a myriad of motivation text your way because you are the best boyfriend ever and I need you to keep your head up.

29. You are going to crush this, I believe so much in you honey

29. You are going to crush this, I believe so much in you honey-Encouraging text for him

30. At the end of all these, you are going to be stronger emotionally and mentally than you have ever been. I believe this is going to be a win-win situation for you darling

31. Hi love, how is it going? If you need a bit of motivation, don’t forget I am right here for you. I will always have your back.

32.  Hey babe, focus on the lessons you can pick from all these; life happens to all of us but we need to be strong enough to pull through

33. Stay determined, confident and motivated. All will work out well at the end

Supportive Message to Boyfriend

34. You know I will always be supportive of your ideas majorly because I love you with all my heart and I believe in you.

35. Go ahead babe, do what you have to do. By now, you should know I will always be supportive of you irrespective of what you do and yes, I had to take time off to send you this message.

36. Just a quick message to remind you that you are my boyfriend and heartthrob and I will always support and root for you

37. Remember we can only live once; so, do you and embrace the consequences. Whatever happens, we will work through it together.

Remember we can only live once; so, do you and embrace the consequences-Encouraging message for boyfriend

38. I know how hard you work and I believe in the long run, your efforts will yield the reward you deserve.

39. If I do not have your back, who will? I am your girlfriend and I take my role seriously.

40. I will always be in the front seat cheering you on, In fact, I might get a pompom just so I have something to wiggle around. What I am trying to say in essence is I will always support you honey

41. I know how important getting the right support is and that is why I will do my best to offer you all the support I can through these messages pending the time I get to see you again. Stay strong love

Encouraging Message for Boyfriend

42. Nothing is impossible for one with your zeal and passion. I believe you can do anything you choose to do, you are really that amazing.

43. You have always been brilliant; it is one of the things that attracted me to you. You are smart enough to work this all out, I believe that.

44. I know you feel really down and that’s because you do not see yourself the way I see you. You have a lot of potentials and talent and I believe you will achieve all your goals.

45. Remember that the only thing capable of holding you back is you. Always keep this in mind love

46. You really shouldn’t be worried honey. You are smarter than most people I know and you will find our way around this

47. I hate to see you so discouraged. Keep the worries away love, stay positive.

48.Sometimes, we need to take certain risks in order to get to where we need to be in life and I am glad you are not shy of doing so. Keep at it babe, keep doing what you must

Encouraging words can go a long way and Your partner will definitely appreciate getting one from you. Don’t forget to share and leave a message.

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