Good Morning Text to Someone You Love

Sending a good morning text to someone you love is a gesture that would surely be appreciated.

Your special person deserves to know how you feel about them occasionally and since words written in the form of text are better remembered than words spoken, you should make it a habit to send love texts to them.

Go through the list below and make your loved one feel special by sending them a couple.

Good morning texts for my love

Early morning romantic messages

Good morning message for the one you love

Good morning text to someone you love

Good Morning Texts for My Love

1. I didn’t think I was he texting type but now, I cannot do without sending you occasional good morning texts; maybe it’s because I love you in a way I have never loved any other before. Good morning darling, it is time to get up

2. one night in your arms is better than 5 nights in the best vacation spot in the world. Good morning my love, you are worth it

3. I cannot imagine ever starting my day without you; I am addicted to your arms and your presence. Good morning sweetheart

4. My mornings are always beautiful and relaxing and I think it has something to do with waking up every day to your lovely face. Good morning sweet

5. I wish a piece of you can go around because you can definitely make anv woman happy. Good morning babe, God needs to make multiple copies of you

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6. Is it right for me to be so happy? I have been living in a different world where there is only peace and laughter since I found you. Good morning babe, what have you done to me?

7. Good morning love, seeing you first thing in the morning is good for my sight and my mind. Why would I ever want to deny mysle of such pleasures?

Early Morning Romantic Messages

8. I know there is nothing sweeter than waking up early in the morning to romantic messages from your better half. Good morning love, you were in my dreams all night.

9. My happy place is your arms, they are always warm and comforting. Good morning my love, you are special

Good morning text for someone you love

10. I consider myself really lucky to be in love with my dream woman and have her love me in return. Good morning dear, I hope this luck never runs out

11. I don’t like nights because they keep me away from you but I love mornings because they give me a chance to see your beautiful face. Good morning love

12. I love sharing my favorite things with you and showing you my favorite places. Good morning dear, I love the fact that you are a part of my world now

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13. This morning, I am thinking of how your love has enlarged my heart and filled it with endless joy. Rise and shine sweet

14. Hi love, you really need to cut me some slack and spend some time away from my mind for a change. I am always thinking about you.

Good Morning Message for the One You Love

15. Why in God’s name would I ever get tired of sending a good morning message to the one I love with everything I possess including my heart, soul and body. Good morning darling, my love for you is forever

16.  I am excited about the new day, since I met you; I have been waking up every morning with excitement. Good morning dearie

Good morning text for someone you love

17. I do not think there is one better than you in the whole world. I chose the best man out there when I chose you. Good morning honey, I treasure you a lot

18. Good morning my love, You might not know this but the morning kisses you give me fuel me up to take control of my day and that is why I always demand for them every single morning.

19. Since I met you, I have had less stressful days and more peaceful nights. No doubt, your presence in my life has been a plus, one that I am eternally grateful for.

20. You deserve life’s best and I am going to stand beside you and help you get what you deserve. Your most loyal cheerleader is wishing you a good morning

21. This is your entire fault, don’t you dare deny it. It is your fault I am this happy and contented and it is your fault I am so optimistic about life. Good morning my love.

22. I am sending a lovely good morning text to someone I love with all of my heart; I hope your night was as peaceful as you have made my life

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