Happy Birthday Quotes For Little Nephew

Happy birthday quotes for your little nephew is a good way of communicating your well wishes and love for him on his birthday. It doesn’t matter if he is still too young to understand the magnitude of your writing; what matters is the love you put into the gesture.

You can look up beautiful gifts for your nephew and attach the quote or message to it.

This post contains happy birthday quotes, messages and wishes you can send to your little nephew. to make his day more special

Happy birthday to my cute little nephew

Happy birthday baby boy nephew

Birthday message for little nephew

1st birthday wishes for nephew from aunt

Happy Birthday to My Cute Little Nephew

1. Happy birthday to my cute little nephew; the most adorable little boy in the whole world. Make sure you make a lot of wishes before you blow out your candles.

2. I will always look out for you darling nephew, I will always have your back. Happy birthday to you, I love you as much as I love myself

3. I know you aren’t my son but I love you just like a son. There is absolutely nothing I will not do for you, happy birthday!

4. Happy birthday to the boy that has stolen my heart; my sweet little munchkin. I am sending you all my love today

5. I always tell people my little nephew is too intelligent for his age, he is a smart little boy.. Happy birthday to you little genius

6. Happy birthday to my cute little nephew, The boy that has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. Your parents are lucky to have a boy like you and I am lucky to have a nephew like you

7. How is my cute little nephew doing today? I am missing your presence and I wish I could show up there to celebrate with you today. Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Baby Boy Nephew

8. Happy birthday to my little baby boy nephew. Our lives have been richer with your presence and we are really grateful to God that you are a part of our family.

9. Happy birthday to my nephew; the cutest and most handsome baby boy I have ever seen. I used to think I do not like children but you have completely changed that as I have fallen in love with your little handsome face.

10. I wish your parents would let you spend days with me; I can’t wait for you to grow up so you could travel over on holidays. Happy birthday dear nephew

11. I was elated when I first found out I had a nephew and was over the moon the first time I held you. Happy birthday sweetest nephew, I love you with all my heart

12. Happy birthday to our little angel, I watch the videos of your antics on my sad days and they always cheer me up; you are just too adorable

13. Happy birthday to my little nephew; the boy that has me wrapped around his little fingers. I have enjoyed being part of your life since you were born and I would love to always be an active person in your life.

14. My heart is full of joy because my little baby boy is a year older today. Happy birthday to my chubby little nephew, it’s impossible not to love you with such a cute face

Birthday Message for Little Nephew

15. I wrote a message on the occasion of your birthday little nephew and although I know you are still too young to read and understand it, I don’t care!  I love you with all my heart and I will never be ashamed to tell you this

16. Happy birthday to my little boy, The only one that is powerful enough to make me listen to baby shark on repeat. Eat all the cakes and chocolates available and let me know if you want more

17. I don’t think there is anything you can ever do that will prevent me from loving you. I am devoted to you and I will always look out for you. Happy birthday!

18. I get emotional every time I think your birth and how we almost lost you. You are a really brave and strong boy and I am incredibly proud of you. Happy birthday to my little fighter!

19. I am going to let you in on a little secret; you are actually the major reason I keep in touch with your parents. I love talking to you and seeing your handsome face. Happy birthday nephew

20. I wanted to write cute happy birthday quotes for you little nephew but I suck at any sort of serious writing. So, I am just going to speak straight from the heart and say you are the one person in this world I can do anything and everything for. Happy birthday little man

21. “You are one of the best things that has ever happened to our family” Pay attention to the words in quotation marks and always refer to them at any point in your life you feel you are not good enough. Happy birthday little nephew.

1st Birthday Wishes for Nephew From Aunt

22. Happy birthday nephew! I hope your mum saves all the quotes I write for you so you have access to them when you are old enough to read. I love you with all my heart and I wish you a happy 1st birthday.

23. The miles between us is no barrier when it comes to being there for you. I will swim through the deepest  of water to reach you whenever you need me. Happy birthday dear nephew.

24. Omg! I can’t believe my nephew is one year old already. It feels like yesterday when we all gathered at the hospital reception to await your birth. I wish you a happy birthday honey

25. One year on Earth is a big deal and I am excited for you. Don’t worry, I will always celebrate every of your birthdays for as long as I live. Happy birthday!

26. Happy 1st birthday to my nephew; the little darling who made me an aunt. I wish you a beautiful existence on Earth

27. My 1st birthday wishes for you dear nephew as your aunt is lots and lots of happy times throughout your lifetime. I love you with all my heart and I will always look out for you.

28. I know your parents are doing a good job of parenting you but I wish I was always around to keep an eye on you as well. You are so fragile and cute and I always want you to be safe

29. I believe you are a gift from God to us and me in particular. It’s amazing how such a tiny human can bring so much joy to a household. Happy birthday to my little treasure

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