Motivational good morning text messages can come in handy when you need to cheer up or encourage a friend, loved one or acquaintance. Asides from putting a call through, you can send a send a message at the start of their day to get them in the right frame of mind for their day.

Whatever reason it is you need to send these sort of messages; either they have to defend a big project, they have a health challenge or they are down and need a bit of comfort, you should write a message that is heart touching and relatable

So, if you need good morning text to motivate him, good morning motivational messages for her or encouraging good morning text for your friends, you are in the right place. Go through the list below, write the messages in a card or draw inspiration to compose one yourself.

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Sweet good morning motivational messages

Positive morning text

Good morning message to encourage someone

Inspirational morning messages for him

Motivational Good Morning Message for Her

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Sweet Good Morning Motivational Messages

1. Good morning and I hope you had a pleasant night. It’s time to get up, keep your motivation up and face the day. I can’t wait to see you at the end of the day so I hear about your day

2. Things might not be easy or going the way you want right now but you mustn’t stop, you must keep going and giving your best. Good morning, have a wonderful day today

3. Rise and shine, it’s time to give life your best shot again. I have a hunch today will be a wonderful day for you.

4. Sometimes, it might be difficult to stay motivated but it shouldn’t make you stop trying. I believe so much in you and I believe in your dreams as well

5. You shouldn’t be afraid of losing, every great person we hear of today has lost one time or the other. The most important thing is that you do not give up. Good morning

6. Good morning! I hope my message meets you awake. Whatever happens today; make sure you Keep your motivation up and don’t let anything rattle you. Have a fabulous morning and enjoy your day.

7. Wake up to a brand new day and keep your hopes up. I believe the future holds better deals for you and there are great things ahead of you.

8. You deserve a good life, so, get up and work towards it. Good morning.

Positive Morning Text

9. A pleasant morning to one of the most amazing people I have ever come across. Your positive attitude to life is one of your qualities I find really endearing; have a great day today

10. Have a fabulous day dear and remember that you can call me whenever and wherever you need someone to talk to.

Have a fabulous day dear and remember that you can call me whenever and wherever you need someone to talk to _ Motivational morning text

11. A new day is here and it is a beautiful day. So, get up and get started with the day already

12. Don’t be scared of taking risks and don’t be scared of challenges. I believe you are tougher than any challenge you might encounter.

13. Keep believing, keep trying and keep doing your very best. Good morning to you, I hope you are ready for the new day.

14. You are making a difference in the world in your own way. Just keep doing what you are doing and stay true to yourself.

15. You are important; your space in this world cannot be filled by any other person but you. Stay positive and Keep this text in mind as you go about your day.

Good Morning Message To Encourage Someone

16. I know you will do well in the presentation. Good luck! And have a fantastic day

17. Good morning to a super human. I am sure this sickness won’t get you down, you will beat it and kick it right in the ass

18. I am sending good thoughts and prayers to you today. Good morning and never forget that I believe in you.

19. You are enough and you have all the skills you need to do well in this project. Good morning to you and always believe in yourself

20. I will always be one call away and you can send me a text message as well when you are in need of encouragement. Good morning.

21. You are always on my mind, I know things are a little difficult right now but keep in mind that you have my full support and I am only one call away Have a beautiful day today

I know things are a little difficult right now but keep in mind that you have my full support- Motivational good morning text messages

22. I wrote this message to say good morning and to encourage you to stay positive as you start your day. You are always on my thought

23. I need you to remember you are not alone and I will be with you every step of the way. Good morning

Inspirational Morning Messages for Him

24. Hi honey! Whatever happens, I will be here when you get back from work with a big smile and warm hug.

25. Listen to some inspirational music and read some positive messages to improve your mood and of course; I will be here for you as well. Good morning my love

26. It’s ok to start small. I am confident in few years; you would have gotten to where you desire to be. Good morning sweet.

27. Cut the toxic people off honey, your mental health is very important and you need to surround yourself with people who can inspire you. Good morning honey

28. Every great feat requires hard work and great people all have stories of hard times as well so, don’t fret and keep doing your best. Good morning love

29. You are doing well. You have come so far and I am proud of all your accomplishments. Good morning to the man that always inspires me.

30. Wake up and look out of the window. The sky feels magical and I am enthusiastic about the day already. Good morning love

31. I find it amazing that you only need little motivation to get started with things you decide to do and that’s one of the things I love about you. Good morning sweetheart and I hope you have a pleasant day.

Motivational Good Morning Message for Her

32. I just had to send this message before you get started with your day to wish you renewed motivation and vigor. Good morning my love, Stay positive and know that I will always be here to encourage you when necessary.

Stay positive and know that I will always be here to encourage you when necessary.- motivational good morning messages

33. Hang in there honey and no matter how hard things get; stay determined and focused on achieving your goals. Good morning, stay motivated and make sure you keep the content of this text in mind as you start your day

34. Hi girlfriend, i have always admired your strength, you are like one of those heroes we read about in books. Don’t let what is going on now make you doubt yourself babe.

35. No matter what you do or do not do, I am always proud of you. No matter what happens or does not happen, I will remain proud of you. Good morning sweetie.

36. I wish I had half your confidence and strength, I wish everyone does. You are an amazing lady and I love and admire you with all my heart

37. I consider it a big deal to have a woman like you in my life. Don’t you dare look down on yourself babe; I personally will never do that because I adore you.

38. I wish there was something I can do to make you see how truly special and amazing you are. You are one of a kind dearie, please, don’t doubt yourself

39. I hate to see you so down; you are always so positive and I don’t want you to lose your shine and smile

40. I love you babe and I will always do no matter what happens. Even if all other thing fails, my love for you wouldn’t. Stay strong my dear.

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